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Jul 01, 2015 at 02:34 PM

2 RowRepeaters in the same page - is this a bug?


Hi guys,

I was faced with a problem I almost don't know how to explain. This is the gist:

I have a View with two row repeaters. The first RowRepeater shows a list of available users that you can add to a Project Team (using a button). The second RowRepeater shows the current team.

So, each row in the first rowRepeater has a Button to create a new element in the second row repeater, and that's it - it doesn't do anything else.

Both row repeaters are limited to 5 rows.

The list of available users in the first row repeater is big, so you automatically get a page down and page up button you can navigate through the results (default behavior for the row repeater).

Here is the problem:

When the 2nd RowRepeater is empty, everything works fine.

When I add one user to the team (that is, one row appears in the 2nd row repeater), when I push the "Page Down" button in the first row-repeater, it duplicates 4 users from the previous page everytime.

If I add another user to the team (2 rows in the 2nd row repeater), the first row repeater duplicates 3 results when I navigate to the next page everytime.

If I add another user to the team (3 rows in the 2nd row repeater), the first row repeater only duplicates 2 results when paged down, and so on....

If both row repeaters have 5 rows, everything works fine (no duplications).

I even changed the 2nd row repeater to allow more than 5 rows, just to make sure and... guess what happens when the 2nd row repeater shows 6 rows.

That's right, the first Row Repeater, when paged down, missed one result (so literary a user that should be available disappeared)

If the second RowRepeater has 7 rows, the first one misses two results when paged down... and so on and so on and so on.

There is no code for this in my view. I honestly don't even know if you can control the behavior of the Page Down and Page Up Button, but this behavior is not normal, I believe.

My question for you: Have you ever come across something like this? I believe this may be a bug that I would like to report to SAP, but first I'd like to get your feedback on this matter.

Best Regards