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Jul 01, 2015 at 11:53 AM



Hi, everybody

I am developing an SDK application using VB.NET.

My first Screen is called "Selection Criteria" (a simplified picture is shown below)

If we press "OK", another form opens, with a few tabs (folders)

Which tab opens will depend on which Option buttons have been clicked.

Each folder is associated with a grid or a series of objects (Edit Texts, Combo Boxes etc)

Each folder is independent of the other folders. My application can be regarded as a number of applications put together under one roof for convenience, although they all use the parameters set in the Selection Criteria screen.

Which application is fired depends on which Option buttons are clicked on the Selection Criteria Screen.

I am writing my code in a single class, and I am rather concerned that my code is getting very long (now above 5000 lines)

My concerns are (1) readability (2) ease of maintenance (3) simplicity of code.

I wish to know if using CLASS can help me write more readable code.

Or is using MODULE more appropriate?

I never programmed with MULTIPLE CLASSES before. I am reading as much as I can about CLASS.

Can I use a separate class to hold the code for each folder (Tab1, Tab2, Tab3, etc) ?

How can I program VB.NET so that when (say) if I click Option button 1 and Option button 2, this runs the code for Folder1?

Please offer some general advice or links to relevant sites to initiate me on the subject.


Leon Lai


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