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Jul 01, 2015 at 08:42 AM

I Wish: codecademy like tutorial section in WebIDE



Recently I was going through the AngularJS tutorial on Learn AngularJS | Codecademy . There they have a development environment with set of instructions to perform with the internal browser section. The course is divided in units and several stand alone mini projects which use learnings of the unit. In units, we code as per the instructions('with holding the hands of learner') and the code is evaluated when we click on run. On the completion of units, we are asked to work on projects. In the projects, instructions just say that perform this action(code snippet is not provided).

I was going through the walkthrough tutorial and wish that we could have a similar kind of tutorial section for SAPUI5 in WebIDE where we can start from scratch and build the complete apps progressively like Codecademy.