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Jul 01, 2015 at 04:58 AM

start of sap instance without any profile


Dear All,

I have a question in mind for which i am trying to get an answer.It might sound very silly but heard it from a couple of people so very curious to know if there is some thing that i am missing in here-

SAP system start without any instance profile in OS level.When i say any profile i mean all profile not only start profile.I know that from NW 7.3 start profile is merged with instance profile,but can a SAP system be started without any kind of profile may it be start,instance or default given the fact that to start the sap system startsrv process will try to read the parameter from the start profile,so how is it possible to start sap system without any profile present at os level in /sapmnt/<SID>/profile/

Thanks & Regards,