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Jun 30, 2015 at 09:10 PM

How to delete E-Mail from outdated candidate?


Dear all,

I am facing with the problem to try to delete the E-Mail address from outdated candidates (those who have no open assignments left for longer than a specific period) in mass processing (batch job).

Therefor I already uses the central class method CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE_BUBA_BL with methods GET_PREFFERED_CONTACT_DATA and to get the data and MAINTAIN_EMAIL_DATA with deletion flag to delete the E-Mail from BP and US01 view.

I know that the communication data of BP is connected via BUT000 and stored in ADRC / ADR2 / ADR3 especially in ADR6.

I figured out that for EHP4 SP12 something is changed within the method implementation regarding the LUW and External Commit outside the calling function modules.

After executing the mentioned process routine, the E-Mail address still exists and I can see that within the BP transaction under address independent data part.

Maybe it is simpe and I need to set an external COMMIT-WORK after calling MAINTAIN_EMAIL_DATA. Someone an idea of that issue?