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Jun 30, 2015 at 09:25 PM

Control Levels and Page Breaks



I have a form that uses control levels and it works great. It has this structure.

Header 1

Details 1-1

Details 1-2

Details 1-3

Header 2

Details 2-1

Details 2-2


I'm running into a problem when the details are so many that they run off the page. I've tried setting the subform and the data levels of the table to "Allow Page Breaks within Context" but it doesn't work. The table just runs off the screen without even regard to the content area.

Just to be really clear on the issue. If I have 500 Header lines and each of them has 10 details...all is fine. If one of those Headers has details that exceed a page length, then it does not page break naturally. The page after that just starts off with the next item at the top of the control area.

This looks like something that Control Levels are not meant to handle? I know I can rewrite this to use a header table and an item table looping...but the control levels form is so clean and it works great except for this one stupid thing (that I honestly didn't anticipate).

Do I need to rewrite with a loop? Can Control Levels work?

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it...even if it is bad news.