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Jun 30, 2015 at 04:15 PM

How to delete unnecessary services from HANA


Hi, all!

First of all i wanted to say, that i'm tried to solve issue from xsengine_alert_<host>.trc file:

I've looked at daemon.ini and noticed, thet there is two xsengine services:

After some manipulations and editing (deleting [xsengine.c] or [xsengine] blocks) i've got nothing. Furthermore i got two unactive xs services in hana landscape:

Its very strange, because i've return original daemon.ini to /config derictory.

So, a got two questions:

1. How can i delete this unactive copy of xsengine service?

2. What should i do with trace file issue: XSEngine is configured to be embedded. This service should be disabled.?


1.PNG (9.8 kB)
2.PNG (19.7 kB)
3.PNG (5.2 kB)