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Jun 30, 2015 at 02:51 PM

Display all dimension values


Hi All,

I have created variable like below....


Then below is the data displaying in crosstable

Group/Type TypeA TypeB GA 5 10 2 GB 8 4 6 GC 3

When I use the filter... Type is not null then it is displaying

Group/Type TypeA TypeB GA 5 10 GB 8 4

But i am expecting below data (all values should display eventhough respective KF's are null or 0)

Group/Type TypeA TypeB GA 5 10 GB 8 4 GC

I already tried below work around options, but still no luck... :-(
- checked all the 'show' options in format table,
- Also tried with formula......if(isnull([KF]);0;[KF])
- Created query2 without KF and merged on 'Group'and then created new variable on merged object '[Group]'

Could you please help me if we have any work around to display all dimension values......

Note: Datasource is BEx query and webi4.1

Thank you,