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Jun 30, 2015 at 02:24 PM

Customizing Web Dynpro Applications in GRC10


Dear Experts,

I am trying to modify end user logon webdynpro application
in-browser admin mode to include some text and hide unused feature. I have full
authorization. I am following below procedure to start WebDynpro Applications
in Customizing Mode:

Step1. Logon to the GRC system. Go to transaction SE80.

Step2. Select the package GRAC_ACCESS_REQUEST.

Step3. Drill down to Web Dynpro.

Step4. Drill down Web Dynpro Applications.

Step5. Double click at application 'GRAC_UIBB_END_USER_LOGIN'.

Step6. From the Top menu click at 'Web Dynpro Application'.

Step7. Select Test ->In Browser Admin Mode.

The application is started with URL parameter
sap-config-mode=X at end. However I do not see yellow bar on top of screen with
customizing mode label. I tried to Right click on options but I do not find ‘Settings
for current configuration’ selection. However I see User setting as we see in
dialog mode.

Can you please guide if there are any other way to customize webdynpro application. Please list the steps if possible.

I deeply appreciate your time and thoughts.