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Jun 30, 2015 at 02:11 PM



We use SAP function ME_DIRECT_INPUT_INFORECORD to automatically create purchasing inforecord.

When there is no existing inforecord for material-vendor combination then this works fine.

When however there is an existing inforecord for material-vendor combination and we want to extend this for a new plant, then the function ME_DIRECT_INPUT_INFORECORD creates a new PIR number.

This is not how standard SAP transaction ME11 works.

Normally the same PIR number should be reused.

The fact that we end up with 2 inforecords for the same material-vendor combination gives issues in the business.

e.g : trx ME1M : results in 2 inforecords. When selecting one for display, we get error message 06 726 "No purchasing organization data exists"

In the sap tables however, the purchasing organization data is present.

e.g. when executing a standard costing run, no price can be determined. It looks as if there is no valid purchasing condition record.

Does someone know how we can better use function ME_DIRECT_INPUT_INFORECORD (not released for customer user) for this functionality

or is there another function we can use?