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Jun 30, 2015 at 02:03 PM

FBL1N and F-53 amount diffierence


Hi Expert,

we are facing while payment to Vendor (Office Staff Settlement) A/c No. 103136

While doing Payment Vendor F-53 Debit Balance showing Rs. 109643/- Three Line Item Total,

when i go to view the Vendor Balance selection screen All Items including Normals Items and Special G/L Transaction. 28000-/- Credit.te

Why system giving Debit Amount in F-53. while Credit Balance of 28000-/- Cr.

when i select getting Error

Line item has incorrect Dr/Cr indicator for remaining amount

Message no. F5119


The remaining balance to be posted cannot be posted using the selected posting key, since the debit/credit indicator does not fit for the existing document balance.

System Response

The amount posted cannot be determined automatically.


Leave the amount empty and enter a line item with appropriate posting key.

Kind Regards

Pranav Kr.