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Jun 30, 2015 at 01:15 PM

How to switch BEx query conditions in Design Studio?


Hi Experts,

I used a BEx query as data source in Design Studio. In this BEx query 2 conditions are defined (e.g. "Top 10" and "Less Than 5000"). Is the following requirement possible in Design Studio?

- The application first runs with the first condition (e.g. "Top 10") used for data source.

- Then the user can switch the data source to the second condition (e.g. "Less Than 5000")

Besides I have checked the link below. In this blog it is possible to define the dynamic conditions, but the conditions should be the same type (e.g. Top N, etc.). In my requirement I defined 2 different types of conditions. Therefore this blog doesn't fit for my problem.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,