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Former Member
Jun 30, 2015 at 10:11 AM

The time has finally come.


To upgrade from Sybase IQ/ 3 (or maybe 5) to IQ 16 SP08 PL32.

I've dbcc'd the 15.4 server nightly without any errors.

I've made a parallel copy of the existing binaries (there's a sym link /opt/sybase/IQ_15_ESD3 -> SYBASE) and installed the IQ 16 install over the top of them, updated the host license, just about ready to flip the sym link to temp check the licensing.

Is there a link to the final SAP approved set of pre / post installation tasks I'll need to do later in the week.

It's quite a small server, rebuilding all the indexes won't be an issue, in fact even reloading all the base tables isn't an issue.