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Jun 30, 2015 at 06:18 AM

Help on NWDI Configuration in SAP PO 7.4 env


Hi Experts,

I have developed a business process model under local development using NWDS in my local machine and currently deploying seperately to all environments of PO server for its functioning. But we need to transport and need the process model to be accessible for other users as well in my team.

1) Is to possible anyway so that the process model can be shared to other users as well so that they can work on it further any changes need to do so.

2) With the help of NWDI we can have version control and transports. Could you please share any documents on how to set up NWDI, DTR and track set up in SAP PO 7.4 server.

Our Basis Team has build the SAP PO 7.4 installation and they installed all the components - NWDI,DTR. But we are not able to acces the link :-


It will be very helpful if you share nay documents which shows the NWDI setup, DTR in SAP PO 7.4 environment.

Thanks & Regards

Narayanareddy B