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Jun 29, 2015 at 10:25 PM

FSD Split with method execute-split-invoice


Dear experts,

has someone done a splitting of a freight order into FSD by any criteria? If so, can you provide sample code ?

I need to do split by Arrival Location. I have done a copy of the fowarding settelment method as Standard offers it.

I have separate lines as done in cost Distribution, but now I Need to include only the part for each receving Point in the FSD.

In the method, I see only that filling of the Partners is done. But, if I do that at item Level, nothing happens, the document is not split. The documentation says, payment Terms, payee, and doc currency are used as split critera, but have not found them in the comm structures. Where can I fill those with different values for my items. Hope someone has done this before.

thanks a lot in advance