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Jun 29, 2015 at 09:42 PM

SAPscript barcode printing.


I am having some issues printing a barcode in Sapscript on SAPWIN/SWIN(LOCL on access method 'G')

This barcode is C128A(found on SE73) which is part of 'new bar code technology. When we print it on SAPWIN/SWIN , barcodes prints as shown below(lower barcode) but it doesn't scan . When we print it through a device type for XEROX(Device type XRW001) , its scanning without any issues.

If you look at the barcodes clearly, you can clearly see that the top start with a 'thick' bar , while the lower stars with a 'thin' bar. Why is this?

How can we use SAPWIN/SWIN to print the correct bardcode?



DSC_0017.JPG (464.2 kB)