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Property Tree Value Assignment

Dear Gurus,

I am having one issue with Property Tree.

I want to assign same Value Assignment Type At Different positions in my tree








VALUEX,Y&Z are having respective class and characteristics.

Now my problem is whenever I assign value to VALUEX in my specification, it gets assigned to both places.

I want to assign two different values for VALUEX

Please suggest

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jun 29, 2015 at 08:37 PM

    VALUELEVE1 contains 2 value assignments VALUEX & VALUY, So in SAP you have create those classes, that good.

    In VALUELEVEL2 contains 2 values assignments VALUEZ & VALUEX, but you have created only one class here, so technically if its values assignment is same it will take the same value, where every you maintain that assignment, so, you need to create either new values assignment, something like VALUEA, because the VALUEX is occupied one place in the SAP CLASS table and will display same values where even you maintain.

    Note: More over, i never see the same values maintain in the PT in different places for the particular spec, technically, its not suggested.

    Hope this will solves your query.



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  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 09:02 AM

    Hi Niketan,

    For Value Assignment Types (VATs) the position in the property tree has no influence where / how the data is stored.

    If you want to have a similar VAT you need to create it (and the corresponding class and characteristics).

    There is now other way around it.

    Hope this helps


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    • Dear Niketan

      Mark has provided the core hints in understanding the EHS data model. I would like only to add some minor on top info:

      1.) never ever change/adapt SAP original class (you can do it in real life but you need to pay attention on future activities)

      2.) to provide you a kind of "different" example in the "same" direction

      E.g. some times you have the need to print i WWI a temperature in "°C", sometimes in "K" etc. Hre WWi is providing some options so that in theory you need only to enter the value once. As well CG02 help you in "convert" different units; There is only some small but: if people enter CG02 they would like to see their termperature in their dimension.

      In this case it can happen that you need two data record with different usage. E.g. one in "°C" which is valid all over the world and the second only valid in "US"/"GB" etc. You can do that by using the "usage".

      Generally the whole data model is build up coming from "chemistry" etc. point of view. There is no "branch" specific option. Therefore SAP has improved the data model an you will find of characteristics of type "Remark".

      Coming back to your example and that of Mark. IN this case you would enter one data record with 100 °C and addtional remark "outer branch" and second one with 110 °C" with remark"inner branch"

      There is only some "but". If you do nothing special both data records would be used in WWI forprinting and could be used in rulesets; especially in the last case this is a "bad" idea. The ruleset is not abled to identfy the "input" data record properly and therefore it would crash (in most cases)

      Therefore: this is one of the reasonswhy the "blue print" phase for set up of EHS and "how to use it etc." should be "longer" to avoid mistakes which you can not repair afterwards.


      PS last but not least a kind of "warning". Based on the amount of data in your system and the complexity of sarch criterias and teh SAP set up you can get "time out" errors. Especially the search for values in context of "classes" is sometimes low; PLease check SAP OSS marketplace. Lot of OSS notes are available regarding performance optimizations

      PPS: by clever use of usage you can maintain data record e.g. plant specific !