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Jun 29, 2015 at 04:47 PM

invalid keycode vs2010 win8.1



Been using crystal reports for visual studio quite happily for a number of years

but my machine went pop in January and had to get a new pc

everything had been working fine until about a month ago when i first got an "invalid keycode" message when closing visual studio.

since then i have been repairing visual studio and re-installing service pack and crystal reports for VS anytime i need to do any work with reports, this usually gives me a few days before the "invalid keycode" message appears again

Last Thursday i uninstalled everything, all copies of crystal reports and visual studio entirely, then installed from scratch, starting with VSm then sp1 then CR for VS (i did have a couple of client redist installs on pc at all which wondered were causing problems?)

it made it until today before it got the dreaded message back again!

i have read multiple discussions on this message, but all just suggest the wrong version is in use

i am using v13.0.14 which i am pretty sure is the latest version?, i have also tried an older version i had v13.0.0, but VS does not like this one at all!

any suggestions welcome as would be nice just to be able to work normally again