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Jun 29, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Semantic Grouping and DTP Packet Size


Hello All,

I have a DTP which loads data from DSO to DSO based on Valid customers in a particular week.
There are say 100 unique customers, then I want the number of data packets to be 100.

I used semantic grouping on this customer field, and set my datapacket size to 2k , but still there are chances that 2 unique customers come in single data package - in case Cuctomer 1 = C1 =500 records and Customer 2 = C2 = 1500 records.

Please let me know using what settings I can make sure that a data packet has single customer records (as said in above case semantic key may not always work)

I see Optimal datapacket size set in DTP take preceedence ove semantic key sometimes.

Please suggest any option/settings I can use for this.