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Jun 29, 2015 at 08:43 AM

Count function in Universe Designer?


Hi Experts,

I have below table and from there i need to calculate count against two dimensions. I need to calculate count of Meas group by Ver.

Ver Meas Count V1 V1.1 2 V1.2 2 V2 V2.1 3 V2.2 3 V2.3 3 V3 V3.1 1

I tried count(DISTINCT @Select(Mol Objective Kpi Data2\Meas)) but its give below result.

Ver Meas Count V1 V1.1 1 V1.2 1 V2 V2.1 1 V2.2 1 V2.3 1 V3 V3.1 1

Please let me know which My SQL expression should i get for correct result.