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Jun 29, 2015 at 08:03 AM

BOXI R3 HTTP 400 Error when viewing reports


We are on BOXI R3 SP6. We have a clustered environment with two physical app servers and two virtual we servers. Our Web Server is IIS which forwards requests to Apache using the ISAPI pluigin.

We have been testing IE11 for Infoview. We are aware it is not a supported platform but we need to test as it is being rolled out across our organization. When we access Infoview through one of our web servers and try to view any report we get a HTTP 400 Bad Request (the webpage cannot be found) error. On our other web server we do not see this. Both web servers should be identical.

To see what was causing the issue I installed Fiddler Web Debugger to see url's where been generated on each web server.

On web server 1 (reports are opening ok), when clicking on view, the generated url is /AnalyticalReporting/

On web server 2 (http 400 error), when clicking on view, the generated url is /InfoViewAppActions/AnalyticalReporting/

I've checked all IIS and Apache settings between the two servers and these appear identical. Any advice appreciated..