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Jun 29, 2015 at 04:50 AM

Urgent Help - 4 Weeks data using Query filter


Hi Experts,

We had a requirement of creating a chart which should show current week + previous 3 weeks of data with an input control of Week number that is if we enter week 19 in the selection field in input box we can fetch 19,18 ,17 ,16 data . We have now acheived it

Please refer the screenshot of the report which we have created .

However now the requirement changed . Client wanted us to use the week number at query level with the same functionality .

Like -if we put week number filter in the query level and when the user selects the week number while refreshing the report then it should fetch current + previous 4 weeks . Please help me as how to create the same functionality in query filter . It is very urgent.

Looking for your reply




4 weeks.PNG (22.2 kB)