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Jun 29, 2015 at 03:17 AM

How many times My post will be Rejected, Is it 1 to n or 1 time.



I am Not a New to sap.scn ..Since 2012 On words , i am using sap.scn

But Due to Some reasons i was login through new login id.

Few days before i was raised one quesiton,Regarding out output types in one of the forum.

Not able to add Message Output type at Purchase order Me22n

Actually, i was forgotton where i was posted ,I mean in which forum. Bcz I am using always abap Technical Forum.

After that Moderator is rejected because of Some reasons.

Again again also I am getting the message an popup's in Action Tab.

Please Have a look on Below Images.

May be i think till now 4 times My post was rejected. After posted, I never updated any thing about my quesiton.

(I think i can't able to update or view once the post is rejected).

I am asking some quesitons.

1) Is it Technical Issue or bug

2) How many times the post will be rejected. 1 or 1 to n times.

If u ask why i am raising this questions, Means I hope if i violate the ruels n Engagement, n number of times My Account will be rejected. I am gettign the fear ,That's waht i am asking to the Concern person.

Please correct me also If any thing is wrong From My side..


Rejected.png (222.7 kB)