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Jun 27, 2015 at 01:56 PM

Multiply many values in the same cell with different data source


Dear SAP BPC experts,

I have two dimensions in the row axis static report:

Account 1000

Data source Manual input

I have one dimension in the column axis:

Time 201501

The combinations of the row axis (account, data source) and the column axis (time) define the value in the excel cell B10 which is 10.

Account data source time value

1000 Manual 201501 10

I have to multiply the value of 10 in the cell B10 with the account 1000 but with the correction data source:

Account data source time value

1000 Correction 201501 1.5

The calculated value should be in the same cell B10 = 10*1.5=15

Is there a way to do this multiplication in the same cell B10 where the row axis contains the account 1000 with the data source manual or any additional data row should be defined with the account 1000 and the data source correction that I get the value of 1.5 for the multiplication?