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Jun 27, 2015 at 06:54 AM

How to handle rework scenario for rejection against inspection lot


Dear Sir,

We have a following scenario :

Against a production of a Halb component , during GR an inspection lot is created . During inspection it was found that component need some rework . Subsequently rework need to be performed and cost of rework also need to be booked on production order . After rework completion , an inspection lot need to be generated and then inspection /UD need to be done .

To address this scenario , We followed following steps :

a) Did the GR against original Order.

b) Using QA32 did the result recording , marked the component as Rejected .

c) During UD , for stock posting selected option "Return to Vendor" . It resulted movement 122 .

But the problem is that original production order has status as Confirmed , so rework cost can not be booked .

I request forum members to kindly guide us about the following :

a) How to resolve the above problem , so that rework cost can be booked .

b) If there is any other better alternate solution approach to address the rework scenario , kindly suggest that approach also .

With Regards

B Mittal