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Former Member
Jun 27, 2015 at 06:50 AM

Errors after upgrade to 4.2 DS from earlier version


Target database is Oracle.

I have upgraded DS 4.0 and DI 11 to DS 4.2, after upgradation I have ran into issues:

1) Some sql function are not working.

2) Packages are taking more time to complete,Job stops after 3 hrs. (In 4.0 it use to complete in 1 hr).

3) Some packages are giving time out or keep on running..

4) Unique key constraint (which i was not getting in 4.0 for the same DF).

5) The last step of the job executes a SQL command that contains a function call that is failing. The function is STRAGG. Data Integrator executes this SQL successfully but Data Services chokes on it every time.

6)DS 4.2 throws a unique constraint error in the Condition Pivot step (DF_SD_SO_CONDITION_PIVOT). When the job is run in DS 4.0 it completes successfully.