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Former Member
Jun 26, 2015 at 05:17 PM

Is it possible to sort by a variable passed from a sub report to main report?


Hello Everyone, I'm trying to figure out if items on the main report can be sorted based on a sub report. The way my report is designed is that I have to filter out Stock Numbers via select expert based on whether a stock number contains a specific Part Type, lets say "ABC" (each stock number can contain multiple part types). I want these stock numbers that contain the specific part type to have ALL their part types displayed ultimately, which I accomplished via a sub report.

So simply put the main report filters only the Stock Numbers that do not have the specific Part Type "ABC" and then the Sub Report takes all of those stock numbers left and displays ALL the Parts for each of them. As part of my calculation in the sub report I figure if parts are worth saving to sell or disposing of... what I'd like to do, rather than sort by Stock Number is sort by the # of "Save" parts. I tried passing the "Part Save Count" for each Stock number from the sub report to the main report and sorting. Even creating a copy of the sub report and putting it in the header of my main report. Can this be done or am I just wasting my time?

Thanks for any input.