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Jun 26, 2015 at 11:58 AM

Implementing Customs Management Module in Italy without implementing Licensing


Hi GTS Gurus

Question: Can we use custom management module for Italy without using Licensing module. In Italy Prior to make shipment,but only after receiving an actual purchase document, one must apprach to Italian minsitry in charge of exports and receive their license/consent.

Propsed Solution : We will set up the block in delivery in ECC. We will use proforma Invoice to send custom declataion form to Italy custom authorities from ECC.Then, as soon as the permission to ship is granted by Italian authorieties, the user could manually relese the block in GTS.

Doubt :

Would it be compulsary to impelement Licensing for Italy?

Will custom declaration document conatin all the information required by Italy authorities?

IT system of Italy with wich we need to set connection of R/3 or GTS?

Will the custom document clearance is enough or it is mandatory to obtain license from Italy agencies?


Jaagrit Hooda