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Jun 26, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Different loan deductions amounts showing as one amount.



I am working on sap HCM(payroll) project implementation. My have two different sap system SAP FICO and HCM which is already implemented sap FICO.

When payroll processed on the month end in HCM system financial transaction should get posted SAP FICO system through IDOC.

Here my issue is client have employee loan advance process. They are maintaining this 3 different loans in FICO system through F-48, and loan amount collection through employee salary in payroll.

For this I have configured as below

-I have created employee as vendor

- Special GL configure for 3 loans

- Payroll consultant configured as per standard employee vendor process for payroll and their system is correct.

- when we see in FK10N vendor report its showing individual loan wise in debit amount.

-after payroll process 3 different loan deductions amounts showing as one amount.

What is the configuration for splitting of employee loan deductions.

My client requirement vendor wise loan amount like loan 1 total and deduction , loan 2 total and deduction, loan 3 total deductions.