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Former Member
Jun 26, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Invoice Header Tax Amount and VBRK Tax Amount difference


Good Day and Hi All,

I am currently new to SD Module. Having a bit of difficulties in figuring out the solution for this issue. Need a lot of help or info from the experienced ones.

Giving a rough idea on the issue I am currently having:

Sales Order is created from interface file > billing is then created > billing extraction is done for printing

In my client's case, in order for the billing extraction to take place, the system amount and computed amount both must have the same value only then the invoices can be extracted and printed thru third party.

What happened is, a number of invoices cannot be extracted due to the difference between the system amount and computed amount. After a few checking on the affected invoices, I found out that this difference is due to VBRK table, in which the tax amount shown in VBRK is not same as the tax amount shown in invoice header, which shows the correct amount of tax.

As what I know, VBRK is a standard table, why does the tax amount deviates.

Is it because of user exit or some sort?

Thus I need help on how to solve this issue.