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Jun 26, 2015 at 09:34 AM

Issue with Profile assignment


I have a very strange issue

I am customising Profiles in PM. I worked through

SPRO> PM & CS> Master data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Basic settings > Set view profiles for technical objects

I confirm that in table TITOBPROF the records exist there are 3 records. 2 for Standard and 1 for fleet H2,H3 and H4

But when I go to maintain

SPRO> PM&CS> Master date in plant maintenance and customer service > technical objects>equipment> maintain Equipment Category

I only get 1 record and not 3 in the profile selection

I am trying to assign fleet profile and this happens to be AGRP = H4 in TITOBPROF but I only get H2 which is standard profile

I even tried to edit the transparent table to move the records but cannot do this maintain records is not enabled even when I try &SAP_EDIT

anyone came across this issue?


issue.jpg (136.9 kB)