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Jun 26, 2015 at 04:58 AM

BPC 10.0 on Oracle - Master Data Update Automation - Hardcoding PARENTH1 Field at BPC Side?


Dear All,

I am performing master data update in BPC 10.0. The source is a standard BW InfoObject and the target is BPC Dimension(DIM).

My requirement is that, BPC DIM should be updated with BW InfoObject's data. Only, attributes/texts are to be updated and there is NO hierarchy to be updated from BW InfoObject. But, BPC DIM has it's own hierarchy, maintained at BPC'e end.

When updating BPC DIM data, I need to update BPC DIM's PARENTH1 field with a hard-coded value(Say, TOP_LEVEL). This is a TEXT node and parent node of the DIM's ID. How can I do that? Is this possible? Or, since hierarchy is not being downloaded from InfoObject, is this has to be maintained at BPC end? Since BPC hierarchy is a simple one(just one parent under which, all the children are there), I need to hardcode the TOP_LEVEL ID for PARENTH1 field. How can I achieve that?

Would appreciate your help on this.

Thank you,