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Former Member
Jun 26, 2015 at 02:45 AM

IBIP Tool to add new component to existing BOM


Hi Experts

I'm trying to use LSMW with IBIP Object 0030 (BOM) and Method 0002 (Change) so we can add new components to existing Equipment and FuncLoc BOM's. I have defined tcodes as IB02 and IB12 in my two LSMW's, and mapped the usual header and item fields.

When I run the conversion, no errors result, but the change that results is the deletion of the components already in the BOM, and insertion of the components in the upload file. Appears the program is replacing current components with the file components.

As an example, a BOM has 4 components (A, B, C, D) pre-load. I run a load to add components E and F. The resulting BOM after the load only has E and F as components. The Change Log for the BOM shows 4 deletions, and 2 insertions.

Is this expected?

I'm happy to build the input file to include the components already assigned, but did wonder if there was a flag or field in the program to denote the record as being a new component, rather than an edit of an existing.