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Jun 25, 2015 at 11:03 PM

Cannot select .csv file as data source


I'm using CR VERSION and i'm having a specific issue trying to use a .csv file as a ACCCESS/EXCEL(DA0) type= TEXT as a datasource.

When i try and select the table in the datasource window i can see the .csv file, but when i try and add it to the right side, Crystal just hangs(not responding). the file is only 16290kb (40,000 records x 30 columns). I've tried the file at (20k records) 10k records and 5k records(file size = 1315kb), same result.

I have other larger csv files that open fine(not as many columds, but in excess of 40ok rows), files sizes about 2500-3000kb

This csv is inherited and chosen by customer as the output records may be be > 64k records and breaks .xls. There's not a .xlsx option for me to receive the file.

Any suggestions.... please