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Jun 25, 2015 at 04:45 PM

Improve the performance of query


Dear all,

There some planning application on a particular info Cube in my project.

we are facing a issue while opening or refreshing or retrieving data from cube ,we suspect that the applications are slow because of huge data in the cube.

For a particular record we have different versions which is being indicated by a Keyfigure "Flag".

Out of all the records for a particular combination we need to get latest value for this flag KeyFigure and aggregate all the other Keyfigure .

we cannot do cube compression because one of the keyfigure is being used as flag to indicate the status of the particular dimension . even standard zero elimination will not work .

we are thinking of the following approach .

1)We are planning to move previous year's data to different cube and create a Multi provider over both the cube . and migrate all the application from present cube to the multi provider .

2) We will create a DSO and load the data to DSO from existing cube . Latter in the start routine we will write ABAP code to aggregate the records .

Kindly advise which one to choose to Improve the performance of cube