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Jun 25, 2015 at 02:53 PM

3D Visualization in SAP EAM


Hi to all

Currently we are evaluating SAP EAM to specific requirements:

1. The user needs to see 3D models of the assets, and aditionally to enable link with SAP ERP (SAP ERP MM-PO; SAP ERP PM).

For example, view an asset in 3D in SAP EAM, with all the components and have the option of see the correspondent Materials in SAP ERP, and view the inventory, or the purchases, and so on.

It is possible with SAP EAM ?

2. Additionally, we want to see technical drawings, plans of plants, technical sketches, engineering plans and another technical documents related to assets. Can we have this in SAP EAM? Is neccesary another integration to specific documental solution for this ?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

Dario R.