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Jun 25, 2015 at 09:23 AM

Splitting Time Dimension


Hi all

We are currently in the initial stages of a BPC implementation (I believe it is v10.1).

At present we use Oracle Hyperion Planning as our budgeting tool, where time is split between two dimensions (Year and Period) as default.

As I understand it, default behaviour for time in BPC is to combine year and period as one dimension. Is this correct?

We currently have weeks as our base member; I would assume that the time dimension would get a little large if week members were repeated for each year in the same dimension (52 base members for every year). If in the future we decide to budget at a more granular level and add days as our base member then suddenly there are 365 base members for every year (plus the roll ups to 52 weeks then 12 periods).

Does any of this really matter? Is this approach commonly used across any implementations you have worked on? Is it possible to split the time dim into two and if so does it bring any benefits / drawbacks?

Thanks for your time