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Jun 25, 2015 at 09:12 AM

Cost Center - G/L Account Number Combination Problem


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the cost center and G/L account combination.

When i check "G/L Account Line Item Display" screen (fs10n) for the cost center "3350", i see that it has been assigned to G/L Account numbers starting with "730..". Our accounting specialist pointed out that it should have been assigned to the ones starting with "750..".

There is a table showing the cost center/ GL account number combination. There, i can see that "3350" cost center is assigned to the right numbers:

Masraf yeri = cost center

Ana hesap = G/L Account Number

Also i'd like to mention that in OKB9, i can not see any combination and in KA03 the "cost center" data box comes up empty.

My question is, why and how the wrong GL account numbers seemed to be assigned to the "3350" cost center in the "G/L Account Line Item Display" screen.

Could please explain how can i correct them?

Thank you and best regards




gl.jpg (92.8 kB)
table.jpg (104.7 kB)
okb9.jpg (112.4 kB)
ka03.jpg (45.3 kB)