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Jun 25, 2015 at 08:51 AM

IDOC Query


Hello Abapers,

I am a functional consultant need your help on this case ,

We have several employees with different company codes in our system and it gets transferred to other system through IDOC's i mean Mini master From HR system to Reciever system.. This happens daily with the background scheduled in HR system. so it keeps pushing the changes through IDOC to receiving system.

Sometimes IDOC gets struck , So i use PFAL T-code and move the IDOC's and it works well.. suddenly we found that we were not able to move the IDOC for an employee and it throw an error message that No Data Distributed it happens only for the particular employees who belong to company code called XYZA.

i went to BD64 and the distribution model i noticed that no XYZA company code was there.. i would like to understand is it happening because of that company code missing in that Data type filter .

Can any one let me know is my understanding and findings are correct?

If yes how would i add that company code in the distribution model.. can anyone show me the way to add that company code?




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