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Jun 25, 2015 at 08:27 AM

FBL3N : fetch all data related to the G/L


Dear all ,

I have a requirement to fetch the data from tcode FBL3N .

After running the tcode : FBL3N .

Input : G/L account

Company code

selecting the radio button All items and entering the posting date .

when we execute the tcode then some line items come related to that G/L , double click on one of the line item and then pressing F9 .

a alv report comes and then on the title bar : ENVIRONMENT --> Document Environment --> Original Document .

The report which comes I need the data for all the categories shown there . which can be filtered using set filter(ctrl +f5) .

eg . diffferent categories : salary payable and professional tax pay , etc .

I need the data for all the categories and then post the data shown there to tcode : f-43 .

Please suggest any ideas approach , tables ....