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Jun 25, 2015 at 06:31 AM

Work process memory utilization is always high


Hi All,

We are facing issue in production sap application servers.

The memory utilization is always high.The servers having 12GB of RAM and always the memory free usage will be 1GB (11gb used).

We checked the system at os level having Linux environment and the work process(W3,W8 and etc..) occupied with around 23 to 25% of total memory utilization


I checked at SAP level non of the sap users are logged in and all the work processes are in waiting status.But still some of the work process at OS level is occupied with high memory utilization.

I know it's little bit difficult to find the exact issue and troubleshoot the system for performance tuning.

I want some suggestion from all of you,from where I can start the troubleshooting this type of issue or is there any parameter to define memory allocation for each individual work processes.Because when checking at OS level all different work processes will have different memory utilization.But some of the work process always allocated with same memory utilization even doing nothing at SAP level.

Kindly suggest how to handle this type of issue,your help is appreciated.