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Jun 25, 2015 at 04:57 AM

Production Confirmation - 2 step receipt


Dear All,

Our Finished Goods warehouse (FG St. Location) is maintain in IM and currently we are using automatic receipts in production and therefore Production Order Confirmation (CO15) directly updates stock in FG.

The requirement is to do this receipt in two steps, so production user while confirming the order puts the stock in a Transfer Location of FG and when the goods are physically received by the warehouse users, then they will move the stock from Transfer location to FG Unrestricted Stock (just like stock transfer using 313 and 315 mvt types).

For now I have created a new Storage Location FG1 and asked user to transfer stock from FG to FG1 using MB1B and mvt type 313 and 315. I also checked with removing auto receipts option but it does not work as per requirement. It will not do goods movement for FG and then production user will have to use MB31 to post goods receipts for the order (again that is one step movement). Please note that warehouse user will not be using MB31.

Let me know if there is better way of handling this requirement. Pls note that i would not like to extend this warehouse in WM as the finished goods are not stored in this storage location for long, they are shipped on same day.