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Jan 27, 2006 at 01:05 AM

Package not reserved for DC error.


Hey Guys,

I am building the application from the Java DC Explorer, and I get this warning.

Jan 26, 2006 7:46:33 PM /userOut/Development Component ( [Thread[ModalContext,5,main]] WARNING: test/tax/calc: built with warnings in variant "default" (3.531 sec) :

Package org.example is not reserved for DC : test/tax/calc.

I dont mind so much the warning, however, when I try to import this DC into another DC, I am not able to see any of the files I added to the public part of this DC.

I believe the problem is with the above warning.

One thing is that in the Namespace definition procedure as mentioned in the webpage ,

 1.      On the home page of the name server (use Home to access it), choose Development ® Name Reservation ® Define Namespace Prefix.

       2.      On the Define Namespace Prefix page, specify the name category and the namespace prefix and then choose Create.

You can use a reserved namespace prefix for all object name types in parallel. Register the prefixes for different name categories as follows:

¡        By convention: <reserved-prefix>

Enter the NetWeaver namespace prefix reserved on SAP Service Marketplace here (without any slashes).

¡        Design Time Package: Follows the syntax of the programming language. For instance, Java package names use reversed internet domain names like*.

¡        Development Component: <vendor>/<reserved-prefix>*, whereas the slash / is used as separator of name segments.

       3.      For this tutorial, reserve only the Name Category Development Component Name. Specify the following entry:

When I define the name space prefix like mentioned in the procedure on the web page I do not see a place for the Design time package to be specified.

I know I have to define the somewhere for it to be publicly available somewhere.

Also, I have not registered my namespace prefix as the note SAP Note 710315 suggests. Is this an issue?

Any hints.

Thank You.