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Jun 24, 2015 at 06:54 PM

Batch User create Invoice Output which prints Turkish chars using LOCAL printer driver



  • Company running ECC on Oracle DB / Linux box with CI in US wants invoice output to go to printer in Turkey.
  • LP01 is not running and no additional printers created on Linux box
  • Company uses an external output management system which cannot handle the required Turkish characters without a lot of mods.
  • Bypassing the output management system & using a modified version of the LOCAL driver ("LOCAL-TURKISH") to print directly to the printer works fine when a user invokes the invoice creation process


  • Business group in company now wants to automate the invoice creation process via batch user / scheduled job
  • They want to create a Batch user and schedule a job to create the invoices as well as print directly to the printer using the LOCAL-TURKISH driver
  • When a test batch user was created, no spool or printer output occurred
  • Basis suggests the lack of LP01 / local printers on the Linux box (not an option to use these) coupled with no user to answer any dialog box that might pop up asking which printer to output to is causing the output to just disappear in the system

Thoughts on If this is even feasible (tech team think not, but open to other opinions)

If feasible, suggestions?