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Jun 24, 2015 at 04:42 PM

not able to create .bat file for bods jobs


hi all,

my requirement is to create a .bat file each for a list of bods jobs.

as mentioned in many threads in SDN, i logged in to management console -> batch job configuration tab -> go to the job -> Export Execution Command option -> export

after hitting export button, below message is flashed on the screen

"Export was successful.Password file created on Job Server testserver:3500, at /maxtest/dataservices/conf/BODS_TESTREPO.txt"

when i login to the FTP , i find this txt file at the above mentioned location. it is a single line file, looks like some junk/corrupted text, without any meaning.

also that i dont find the .bat file anywhere here.

we are currenlty on dataservices 4.1 and have a plan for migration to 4.2 after a quarter time period.

so we are unable to generate webservices, but our only option is to generate the .bat files which can be used by the third party tool.

please suggest on how to generate and find the .bat file.