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Jun 24, 2015 at 02:30 PM

Decentral WMS setup (LIKP-VERUR)



we are currently implementing decentral WMS. We use the standard delivery types WID/WOD provided by SAP. In the test system I am still struggeling with the correct usage of delivery numbers.

What I expect is that a outbound delivery is created when we receive the outbound delivery via IDOC basic type SHP_OBDLV_SAVE_REPLICA05 from our customer . Customer outbound delivery number is 1400053708. System should create an outbound delivery within our internal number range (802...) and customer delivery number should be stored in LIKP-VERUR. Example see last line of below screenshot that I created by modifying LIKP-VERUR via &SAP_EDIT.

And this is what is happening: When I do not change the the DELIV_NUMB fields, SAP will create entry as in the first line below, meaning external numbering for VBELN.

If I put in $1 system will use internal numbering. I know this does not make sense but is my current workaround to continue testing.

I need a correct value in VERUR because this one is used when outbound delivery confirmation (SHP_OBDLV_CONFIRM_DECENTRAL04) is sent back to the customer.

Same problem is true for the inbound process.

I just guess I missed some setup that tells the system to use internal number assignment and put customer delivery number into LIKP-VERUR


Distribution delivery

Uniquely identifies the business transaction (for example, a sales order) that initiated the communication from the central system.


During decentralized shipping, you assign a number to the initiating business transaction so that the system later can match the data of your delivery activities to the appropriate documents in the central system.


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