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Jun 24, 2015 at 01:43 PM

PBNative --> Full on SCC: Best Practice Approach?


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Question 1:

I am planning to move a large set of applications (targets) from PBNative SCC into a "full on" SCC system (TFS). Currently there are PBNative specific PBC and PBG files. I am thinking to remove the target from SCC, delete the PBGs and PBC and start from scratch.

Do you concur?

As an aside, I am folderizing the PBLs as part of this migration effort

As another aside, Contrary to documentation, I do know that PB writes SCC version information into the PBL. It is my hope that this information will be overwritten - but I'm a bit leery. Would it be best practice to export all source and create and load new PBLs before putting the target under SCC again?

Question 2:

Each of these targets shares members of a common set of libraries that are already under TFS source control. I am thinking that proper approach to putting these new targets under source control is to first remove the shared libraries from the library list and put the non shared libraries under source control. Then second check out the target and add the shared libraries to the list to have a full development set.

Do you agree with this approach?

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