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Jun 24, 2015 at 10:47 AM

Java Mapping for Inserting digital signature using keystore in PI 7.1


Hello Experts,

I'm working on java mapping which will insert digital signature using keystore in NWA. But stuck with code.

Part 1:

in order to access KeyStore, I need to access KeyStoreManager.

Now, Here is problem, in order to access KeyStoreManager i need access to SAPSecurityResources.

I tried,


it is showing me error in NWDS. Could anyone help me with correct jar file (relevent to PI 7.1)which will have this SAPSecurityResources.

Part 2:

I also tried creating KeystoreManagerWrapper class but again it gives me error. I guess this technique only works in PI 7.0. Can anyone help me with other options which I can use in JAVA mapping.

Reference Link which I gone through recently: