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Jun 24, 2015 at 09:51 AM

Reg.User exit to update equipment master after doing GR against MIGO


Hi All,

I have a requirement wherein once I do GR against the outbound delivery in MIGO, once I save the equipment is getting transfered from one plant to other plant. But here the issue in equipment master if I see the maint.plant value is still showing the old plant value and not the one.

For eg. If equipment transfered from plant A to Plant B after the GR is complete the stock of Plant B show the equipment but in equipment master mait.plant value is still shows A instead of B.

Here i was supposed to chnage manually the maint.plant as B.

So i am looking for some user exits which could auto update the field maint.plant as B once the GR is complete.

Can you please help me out that is there any such user exits available? or how this can be achieved.