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Jun 24, 2015 at 09:29 AM

Stereo in viewer



We managed to compile the stereo plugin for the viewer provided in the SDK (SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Core SDK 8.0\GraphicsCore\stereo).

We then tested under SAP Viewer on a workstation with an NVidia 3D Vision 2, quadro 5000, ASUS 3D screen, Windows 7 64 bits and DirectX11.

It works rather fine when using the OpenGL render engine in quad-buffer mode.

We can't get it to work under DirectX render engine. When selecting 3D vision options we have a warning message "3D vision is not implemented in this build" (see attached capture).

After some search we found that this message comes from drvDX9.x3d. When editing this file simply in wordpad we can see all stereo modes are described except the 3D Vision.

Would there be a way to implement 3D Vision in drvDX9.x3d ?

Next step is to get it working in Author.

Thanks for help and advices.



Capture.JPG (114.5 kB)